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Our mission

Our mission is to provide
our customers knowledge and equipment,
to improve their quality of
life as they use ozone..

Ozonecleaner is a company that represents highly experienced scientists and a high-tech R&D laboratory.

We aim to improve people's lifestyles by using innovative technology to clean air and water, namely the use of ozone.

Our mission is to create a better future for our generation; to reduce the use of chemicals and thus protect our beautiful planet to inform people about the action.

The efficiency and benefit of using ozone. and make everyone feel responsible for our planet in a cleaner living environment - better health environmental awareness and environmental responsibility.


For industrial use, projects are prepared by our specialist engineers according to the type of activity of the company, the area of the room or the flow of liquid that we want to ozonize, the number of people or animals that use the room, whether there is a release of harmful emissions and what, of smells etc.



Over 150 types of odors that we successfully deal with with our solutions



Recent studies on the effect of ozone on a number of microorganisms confirm the successful elimination of 8 categories.

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The mission



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Food industry

Ozone has become an important tool in food safety and quality control due to its strong oxidizing properties and effective destruction of microorganisms, pathogens and contaminants.


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Water purification

Disinfection of water with ozone is an effective and ecological method with wide application. This method is distinguished by its broad-spectrum effect and does not leave chemical residues, while ensuring microbial safety of the water.


Keep away from people, pets and plants!

Ozone systems should only be used within 'unoccupied spaces! During sterilization, there must be no person, animal or living plant!


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Our clients

Екарисаж - Варна

The cleaning time depends on the size of the room to be cleaned. Our team of professionals takes this into account and offers you the right machine to produce a sufficient amount of ozone. This reduces the cleaning time to a minimum (about 30-40 min.).

Ozone destroys tobacco odor by removing the irritation caused by phenolic gases by oxidizing them. Phenolic gases are the invisible part of tobacco smoke that causes discomfort to the eyes and is the source of unpleasant odors. Ozone completely cleans any environment from the effects of smoke, instead of just filtering out some of the visible particles like an "electronic air filter".

No, ozone does not harm food and water left in the room being cleaned. Moreover, ozone is medically approved as a food additive (preservative) and is used to purify water.

Based on the many studies done by experts and scientists, we can confirm that ozone cleaning is completely safe! Moreover, if ozone were dangerous to our health, going outside after and during a thunderstorm would be dangerous.

BUT it should not be inhaled in its pure form!

The source of the odor must first be removed for the ozone generator to be effective. Ozone machines oxidize odor-producing particles, leaving behind pure oxygen; in most cases this means that the smell is completely eliminated, but in the case of mold, the moisture must be stopped to have a longer-lasting cleaning effect

When ozone encounters the molecules of odors, bacteria or viruses, the additional oxygen atom completely destroys them by oxidation, after which it itself is destroyed and converted into oxygen. So nothing remains - no smell, no bacteria, no ozone - there is only oxygen in the air.

First, the room is inspected and the required amount of ozone and the cleaning time are taken into account. After that, all living organisms (plants, animals and people) are removed from the room until the process is complete. An ozone generator is brought in and the cleaning time (timer) is set. It is good that all doors and windows are closed, and if there is an air conditioner, it should be turned on in order to clean effectively. After the cleaning time is up, wait another 30-60 minutes for the ozone in the air to break down and turn into oxygen (ventilation process).